Persian silk rugBuying a Persian silk rug is considered an incredible idea as it makes home more attractive and elegant. But, there is always a need to identify the original ones and buy. The Persian rugs are made by the well proficient artisans in Iran that are well known for their durable, excellence and attractive craftsmanship. Iran stands at the top most position in exporting the handmade carpets all over the world. There is huge collection of the Persian silk rugs available in the market nowadays.

This blog about Persian silk rugs help buyers to identify the material and the genuineness of these rugs. The buyers also get the idea about the things that need to be kept in mind, while buying the Persian silk rugs. As there are wide enhancements in the imitation rugs in the market, so it is quite difficult for the buyers to distinguish between the original and the fake Persian rugs.

  • The genuine Persian rug will always have a rug label on its back. This helps in identification of the country from where the product was created.
  • A Persian rug is one that is created in Iran. Any rug that is made in any other place except Iran is not counted as original rug. So, identify the product with the help of Persian rug label.
  • The other way for examining the rugs original Persian rugs from the duplicate product is by looking the underside of product for examining if there is visibility through the backing. There is a good indication that the product is handmade, if there is no visibility in the pattern. Always keep in mind that the original Persian rugs are made only with the method of single Persian rug knots. 
  • A Persian rug consists of different patterns and designs that you be utilized for identifying the region from where the product was created.

Brocket Persian Style Rugs

In the ancient times, all Persian rugs were made manually and original rugs are far expensive than the latest machine made product. A buyer should not pay the same money for the machine made rugs, when compared to the manual based product of the same size. So, the buyer should also look for the Persian rug weaving technique before buying any product.

When it comes to the matter of the Persian silk rugs, there are many things that can look quite overwhelming. Consider the first step as the identification of the budget. In order to buy the best quality product, there is a need to consider different concepts such as size, quality and validity of the rugs.

Hand spun wool rugs are the most valuable product that everyone desires to buy. It is made by using the wool fiber that gives very attractive and unique look to the rugs. There are different online and localized stores where you can buy the original Persian rugs but we recommend you to buy from an authentic place like the Government recognized shops.

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